As residents of Smyrna, our actions should be driven by a set of shared principles as we work
toward a common goal; to make Smyrna THE city to live, work and raise a family. During the
coming weeks of the campaign I will expand on each of the principles in the context of the
opportunities and challenges facing our city. As your City Council member all of my decisions
and actions are driven by these set of shared principles and what they mean to us. Click each principle to learn more. 



I’m Maryline Blackburn and I am running for re-election to our Smyrna City Council Because ICARE about the issues that affect the everyday lives of the residents of Ward 3 and throughout our great city. I’ve sat with you and heard your voices on important issues affecting Smyrna. Working together,
we’ve accomplished much but there is more we can and will do in the areas of:
Economic Development 

Smyrna must diversify its revenue sources by
actively recruiting businesses that hire locally, pay competitive wages, and are environmental stewards. In addition, we must support the local businesses that we currently have in the city and promote entrepreneurship. . As a city we must optimize, publicize, and utilize the current Opportunity and Enterprise Zones.


Smyrna's unique qualities and location make it ideal as a gateway community for our region. We want to make sure that our community is connected by reliable public transportation options. We will take a proactive role in working with our county, state, and federal partners to ensure our needs are met when critical infrastructure decisions are being made.

Public Safety

The safety of our citizens is priority one. Our first responders must continue to be amongst the best paid, trained, and equipped in Georgia. I will fight to ensure that our police force and Fire department are as diverse as the citizens they serve.

Environmental Stewardship

Recent events in and around the city cry out for the need for increased environmental management and communication. We must work more closely with our federal; state and local environmental protection partners to make sure that our citizens, and the air, water, and soil in and around the city are being protected. As a city we will show leadership by utilizing renewable energy for city operations and reducing/eliminating fossil fuels for city fleets. I will work to see that all city sponsored events are earth-friendly.

Workforce Housing

We must develop housing that allows our citizens and public service personnel to live and work in Smyrna. When this happens, we all benefit.

Diversity and Inclusion in Government

Leadership in a city as diverse as Smyrna must reflect the community they serve. All perspectives and voices should be represented in all levels of city government. The city must do more to leverage and celebrate its diversity.


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